Welcome to the Women In Science & Engineering (WISE) Village at NC State University!

WISE Students use the micro tile wall at the IPearl Immerstion theater at Hunt Library.

WISE Village @ NC State

Women in Science & Engineering

The WISE Village is a living and learning community for first and second year women in STEM majors located in Lee Hall. The Village is housed on floors 6-9. Participating in the Village provides students a unique opportunity to live and build community with other women in STEM majors taking similar classes and with similar interests. WISE is an engaging and supportive community that focuses on helping residents develop an identity as a scientist, engineer, or mathematician. All first year women have an upper-class residential mentor who is an excellent resource for them in their transition from high school to college. We also provide a variety of academic and social events and opportunities each month for participants in WISE and other interested students, regardless of sex or gender, including tutoring in Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics, faculty and industry connections, and social programming.

***All non-residential WISE programming, advising, and tutoring is open to all NC State students, regardless of gender.***

WISE is supported by Cisco, Praxair (Linde) and Wolfspeed/Cree.